A Cold Day to Fish and My Isolation Breaking Point

A Cold Day to Fish

IMG 9233Spring is well under way here in northeastern Pennsylvania. Although we're not seeing much guiding and out-of-town fishing because of the virus, the season is not slowing down. For weeks we've had blue quills and Hendricksons and a couple of caddis are now showing so soon we'll have clouds of caddis with March Browns. And, with warmer air temperatures coming it means more comfortable fishing for sure!

Yesterday we had a very small corporate group here and I have to say that it was strange practicing 4746 BECK IMAGE 2020social distancing while guiding, but everyone was good about it. I look back on the day and remember standing in waist deep water with my Client, Shawn. The water was so cold I couldn't feel my feet. For the three previous nights we had below freezing temperatures and there was snow melt up on the mountain. Because of this, the morning fishing had been slow but then in the afternoon blue quills and Hendricksons started popping. The hatch started about 2:00, with the blue quills first and then the Hendricksons. There were not many rising fish with the water so cold, but enough to keep us busy for a couple of hours.

4533 BECK IMAGE 2020Back at the Land Rover, I pulled off my waders and discovered that both of my feet were wet. That explains why I was so cold I was shivering! It's always good to be on the water when a hatch is on and I wouldn't have wanted to miss it. But one thing for sure, tonight I'll be patching my waders!



My Isolation Breaking Point

reddyMatt Labash, author of “Fly Fishing With Darth Vader” writes in The New York Times about being at his breaking point with this whole social distancing thing. We hope it brightens your day. Thank you Matt, MidCurrent, & NYT.




Trivia Question for You

What airport in the country has more flights leaving than JFK? Answer: Billing, Montana. I know it's crazy but it's true. Here's the story:




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