1 Room in Belize, Looking Back at Argentina, & How to Mend

1 Room Left for Belize

May 6-13, Belize River Lodge. Join us for a week of tarpon, permit, and bonefish. 1 Room for 1 or 2 people. This trip is scheduled for big migratory tarpon which pass through at this time of year, but there are always baby and juveniles around – a lot of fun on a fly rod. Permit, bones, jacks, and other species too. Check it out and come along.


The Rearview Mirror

We got back a couple days ago from Laguna Verde (aka Jurassic Lake) and Estancia Tecka, in Argentina. sm0 9Had amazingly huge fish at Jurassic, as hoped for, with the biggest being 20+ caught by Jan Georing and lots of fish in the 12-14 pound class. We had all kinds of weather – wind, calm, rain, sun, hot, cold. It is an amazing place!  

lg2TECKA 2017 3202Then we traveled to Estancia Tecka and fished the lovely Tecka River, Corcovado River, and small lakes on the 435,000 acre merino sheep ranch. Stayed at the historic early 1900s ranch house and enjoyed a week of mostly dry fly fishing, good weather, good fishing, and of course, good wines.


The more we see of Argentina, the more we love it. Keep it on your bucket list.  If you'd like to see more photos, next week we'll share a link to our gallery folder.   lg3TECKA 2017 2640

How To Mend

We are happy to announce the next installment in RIO's How To series. Mending is so critical in allowing the fly to float or drift at the proper speed and to delay as much as possible the point in which the fly drags and you have to re-cast. Russ Miller not only shows up how to mend correctly, but also how NOT to mend. It's helpful and informative. We hope you enjoy it.



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