Fly Fishing Hall of Fame


Rick Bannerot presents our certificates.

We were very honored to be inducted into the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum's Fly Fishing Hall of Fame on October 8, CCFFCM,  in Roscoe, NY, Trout Town USA. The 2011 inductees included Doug Swisher, Carl Richards (1933-2006), John Alden Knight (1890-1966), and Roderick Haig-Brown (1908-1976). It was a beautiful fall day in the Catskills. I'm sure more than one of us was thinking that it was the perfect fall day for fishing the Beaverkill.




Wall plaque of 2011 Inductees

Joan Wulff congratulates Cathy

Past and Present Hall of Fame Inductees

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New Facebook Fanpage!

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to make a quick post about our NEW Facebook Fan Page. If you already 'LIKE' our old Fan Page, thank you! We appreciate the support very much. The old Fan Page never seemed to have the traction that Cathy's personal profile did. So we're going to where everyone already is.

If you were Cathy's friend on Facebook your profile automatically 'LIKED' the new Fan Page when we converted it over. But just to be sure, please take a second to visit us there and make sure your profile 'LIKES' the new page so we can continue to share the updates and other info that you've followed on Cathy's old personal profile.

Click the link below to visit the new Fan Page.

Barry & Cathy Beck's Fan Page

Thank you everyone for all your support and we look forward to seeing everyone on the new Fan Page and on the water!

Thank You and Happy Casting!

Barry & Cathy
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Newsworthy Items

Just a couple quick things before heading out to Alaska:

On October 8, we are being inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame at the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum, CCFC&M in Roscoe, NY. We're astounded at this prestigious honor and look forward to being in Trout Town, USA, for the events and ceremony. Hope to see you there.

I've posted several photos on Facebook of the flood that hit Benton and Fishing Creek last week. It's very very sad. Lots of people, including most of Benton, are still without water and were without power for days. Downstream of us, cabins were washed away at Forks and Bloomsburg was hit especially hard. If you're not a Facebook fan, check out the many photos posted in the Benton News, our wonderful little daily electronic newsletter.

We'll soon be advertising our line-up of trips for next year. Along with all the usual stops, we'll be heading to Bolivia for Dorado in September. We'd love to have you with us. Contact us for details.
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New Sage One Rod

The One is the new kid on the block from Sage Rod Company for 2012. This is an interesting 3 minute video taking us inside the Sage factory to hear Kurt Van Wyck, Director of Research & Development, Steve Greist, Material Engineer and Jerry Siem, Chief Rod Designer, tell us all about the new technology and the new One. We recently had the opportunity to take a seven weight to Alaska, fished it everyday for a week, and are simply amazed at how spot-on accurate and true tracking this new rod is. The One is 25 percent lighter than it's predecessor, the Z-Axis, and has a much more sensitive feel. You can actually feel the line working on the rod, and that is one of the main aspects of the new technology at Sage. What we like most is that the new One is lighter, more responsive, more accurate, more sensitive than any fly rod up to this point. A pleasure to cast and fish. Check out the video and then stop at your local Sage Dealer and try the new One.
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One Rod Left for Alaska in September

We've got one rod left on our Kulik Lodge, Alaska, departure for September 13-20. This is an incredible time of year to be in Alaska - big fish, big numbers, incredible scenery, incredible trip! Check out the itinerary and details and then contact us.
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The Blitz: A Year on the Road

We're very pleased to announce an amazing new coffee table book, the Blitz, by photographer Tosh Brown and angler Pete McDonald. Be sure to take a look at the book and the 9+ minute video. It's very entertaining and exciting to see all the fishing the Atlantic coast offers. Good job Tosh and Pete!

Read an Excerpt
Watch The Video
Dealer Inquiries 



The Blitz
Fly Fishing The Atlantic Migration

by Pete McDonald & Tosh Brown

-  11 x 10 hardbound with color dust jacket
-  216 pages
-  305 color photographs
-  ISBN: 9780983385714

Plus applicable tax and shipping

Giving Back to the Fish
Striped bass are declining again in the northeast and we’re donating $5 per copy (from our pocket) to select groups that are fighting on the front lines to restore and sustain their numbers.


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Rods Available - September, Alaska


We seldom have rods available this late in the summer for our September Alaska trip. As the photos show, the rainbows are fattened up from a summer of feasting and are in great shape getting ready for winter. The tundra landscape is beautiful, fresh cool mornings, often with fresh snow on the mountains.

Rainbows & Sockeyes


Fall is a gorgeous season anywhere, but especially so in Alaska. Grab one of these spots and come along for a week of exceptional fishing and scenery. Details. Contact us or Stew Armstrong at Frontiers today!
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How to Clean Fly Lines

Tangled lines are no fun!

Clean fly lines float higher, shoot further, coil less, and last longer. These video clips from RIO are in the most recent issue of MidCurrent Fly Fishing News and demonstrate the easiest, quickest, most effective way to clean a fly line. Make sure your line is clean for best performance.


update: the links have been corrected...sorry for the error and thank you for reading!
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Gloves & Stripping Fingers

As I write this we are in Cancun waiting to fly home. We've just spent a week at Isla Holbox, Mexico, for tarpon of all sizes. Isla Holbox is a lovely island, great lodge, great fishing. One of the most appealing aspects of Holbox is the fishing for baby tarpon (ranging from about 7 to 30 pounds) in the lagoons and rivers the crisscross the island. And during the migratory tarpon season there are big tarpon on the flats outside the island.

We use Sage Xi3 rods, 9 weights for the baby tarpon and 12 weights for the big tarpon. Any good size tarpon from about 15 pounds up is going to put up an impressive fight, and will jump with all his might again and again. It's explosive, fast moving action and you have to be ready to let him run while still keeping tension, get the line off the deck and out through the guides without any snafus. Having good gloves, stripping fingers, and/or tape will save your hands from line cuts. The line comes off the deck with such speed and friction that it's impossible to hang onto it without some protection on your fingers. And, if there is any sand on the line it will cut your hands as well.

We would sit at breakfast sharing stripping fingers and tape. Most of us prefer the stripping fingers as the tape sometimes loosens and it often starts to lift and then you've got an edge that the line can hang up on. When I do use tape, I find the best is the tape used in equine barns to wrap the hoofs of show horses. It comes in about 5" rolls and often costs less than $5 a roll. I cut it into about inch-wide strips and wrap my fingers. The tape is sticky and holds pretty well, but the stripping fingers are still best. My favorite gloves are Dr. Shade gloves with Polyurethane palms. The PU on the palms helps me get a better grip on the rod with wet hands and it wears better than nylon palms. They also help when working with fish. I find these gloves combined with stripping fingers are the ideal solution.

I use gloves and stripping fingers (finger guards) for peacock bass and chum salmon as well. When I'm wading and fishing for bonefish I use them because of the sand and shell grit that comes up with the line when the fish runs. The gloves also offer protection from sunburn. I get my stripping fingers from Sea Level Fly fishing, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When that fish takes off, you want to be ready to get things under control immediately. You can't do that if the line is burning cuts into your hands. Protect them from line cuts and you'll enjoy your fishing even more.

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Fishing is Good!


Although we've had way too much rain and everything is soggy, drippy, spongy, and soaked, fishing has still been very good. We're starting to see Hendricksons and sulphurs won't be far behind. One of our guides, Jim Kukurlo, guided John Radcliffe the other day here on Fishing Creek. Here is one of the fish they landed. We've still got days open, better come and fish while it's good! Read about our guiding.
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