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Fly contest, Jurassic Lake & Jim's Tips on Cleaning & Maintenance

Last Week's Contest

Last week we invited our readers to guess what the following five Umpqua flies have in common: Bonefish Deep Minnow, Drowned Spinner, Bennett's Lunch, Neon Nightmare, and Gen-X Bunny. Well, we had some good guesses, but no one got it right yet. Here’s another hint: The answer is in the names…. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your guess.
*see photos and details in last week’s blog*


Jurassic Lake (a.k.a. Laguna Verde)

The Becks are at Jurassic Lake, Argentina, this week with a group of hardy anglers. Not only is Jurassic Lake known for big fish but big wind as well. It's wild and remote with poor internet, but I'm sure they are not thinking of the internet with cruising rainbows up to 20 pounds. We'll have a few photos for you next week when they move up to Estancia Tecka. We'll keep you posted.


Jim's Tips  Jim DSC 0001 2

Winter time is a great time to inspect your fly rods, reels and lines and to do some cleaning and preventive maintenance. I have several rods, well….more than several. Lets say a lot of rods and reels so I set aside a day that is dedicated to rod and reel cleaning.

Fly Rods – Clean with warm water and dish detergent. Pay special attention around the guides where dirt and film can collect over the season. You can use a pipe cleaner to clean around the rod guides. I use a scrubby pad and dish detergent and lightly scrub the cork handle. (My wife doesn't read this blog so please don't mention it to her). After the rod and cork handle is completely dried I apply furniture polish to the rod to protect and add a shine to it.

Reels – Take the spool off the reel and rinse the reel with warm water and a little soap. Let the reel dry completely before putting the spool back on the reel. It’s also a good idea to back the drag off to the lowest setting to store.

Fly Line – I keep a cleaning pad saturated with RIO fly line cleaner in my gear bag and from time to time through out the season after I'm done fishing for the day I run the fly line thru the pad. A easy way to clean fly lines is to put warm water in a bucket with some dish detergent. Strip the line off the reel and run the line through a rag to clean the line. Add line cleaner to a pad as you are reeling the line back onto the reel. Now that I have all my reels laying on a table I inspect the fly lines for any cracks or signs of wear and tear and take note of any lines that I might have to replace with new ones.

It's a great way to spend a cold winter day and a little preventive maintenance will keep
your rods and reel in good working order for the upcoming season.




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Fly quiz, Dry Droppers & Fishing Creek in Winter?

See the Common Denominator?

There is something that these five Umpqua flies all have in common. Can you see it? Hint: Look beyond the hook.

First one to see it will win a Super Bugger Selection and a Super Beetle Selection.

You have until next week at this time. How observant are you?

Email your answer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 bonefish bunny drownedbennett neon


Dry Droppers

I hope to meet Domenick Swentosky someday. We live in the same state so it's rather weird to me that we haven't yet crossed paths. I follow Domenick on Troutbitten, his web site and blog, and have to say that he has a way of thinking and writing about little intricacies and nuisances that simply wouldn't occur to most anglers. I would love to read his mind as he watches a cast drift through a current because I'm pretty sure his thoughts would amaze me.

Anyway, this week he writes about Three Styles of Dry Dropper. I think I'm safe in saying that all of us have fished dry/dropper rigs and have probably done quite well with them. Well, if you take fishing seriously and if you really want to understand what is happening – and not happening – as your cast drifts through the water, read Domenick's take on it. I found myself going from one link to another trying to get a better grip on what he's got to say, and have some ideas that I want to try.

When you have time for some good reading – maybe tonight after dinner, give this some thought. It will make us better fishermen.


IMG 3045

This is what Fishing Creek looked like earlier this week. Last week we had record lows, this week record highs. Is there a “normal” anymore?


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Fight for Yellowstone, Tie a Light Cahill, & Trip Openings

Fight for the Yellowstone

It's that time of year when we start to think about fishing trips and for many, it's a trip to Montana, Idaho or Wyoming. If you're this person, or if you'd like to be planning a trip out west, please enjoy this video story about Dan Anderson and his life on the Yellowstone River. Families, community, rivers, life, futures. What is important? Thank you Sage for making this message sage1possible.

Tie a Light Cahill Nymph with Tim Flagler

Are you busy tying flies and refilling your fly boxes for the season to come. Tim Flagler shows us his Light Cahill Nymph pattern. Spring can't come soon enough and we'll be glad when it's time to tie on one of these flies.

Into the Warm

blog 0003 0293 RIO MALLEO RIVERIt might get to 10 degrees here today but the wind chill is making it feel much colder. I try not to complain, we could be living in Chicago! With much of the country in a deep freeze it's hard to write about fishing season, so let me tell you about a few spots we have in Argentina for March. And, we just had space open up on our African Safari for July 26-Aug. 9, 2019.  D33 0932


March 16-23 Tres Valles Estancia (one room)
March 24-30 San Huberto Estancia (one room)
March 30-Apr. 6 Limay River Lodge (one room)

July 26-Aug. 9 East Africa Photo Safari (1 single/1 double)

Browse through all of our trips, itineraries, details, and photo galleries here.

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Visit the Becks, Chile photos, & RIO's New Line

0037 NEW JERSEY SHOW 2018 DxOBarry and Cathy are on their way to Edison, NJ for The Fly Fishing Show and they will be in the Sage booth.  It's the biggest fly-fishing-only show in the world. Frontiers, Sage, RIO and Tibor are all there.  If you can get to Edison this weekend, we highly recommend checking it out!

For show details


From our Guests

Having just returned from Chile, Barry is still editing photos, but here IMG 2838are a few favorites from our group. We had a beautiful week of warm sunny days with good fishing. It made us all want to stay for a while longer. Our sincere thanks to Frontiers and Coyhaique River Lodge for a another great adventure.  Click here to see photos


Can't Keep up with Technology  riologo

What next, you say? Well the folks at RIO continue to give us new technology and products to help us be better anglers.

Check out this video clip. Even if you don't fish the big rods, you will be impressed with these new metered color-coded shooting heads. You can just imagine where this is headed and we can't wait! You will love Simon's thoughts on this new line being an ego-buster. Take a look.

Thank you Simon and RIO for continuing to make it easier for us!

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Natural Light & the Fly Fisher and a Report from Chile

Natural Light & the Fly Fisher

Ever wonder why on a certain day an orange nymph or purple prince will out perform everything else in your fly box? Or you may remember a day when a white streamer was the only fly the fish would look at – but not ever since that day.

Nymph box 0843I remember a times when the orange butt shrimp, and at different times the blue prince, caught more fish than a traditionally more effective same size fly like a pheasant tail or copper john. There is one day that stands out in my mind when a white streamer in late summer with low water was unbelievable. Why? When maybe the next day in the same place over the same fish they turn back to the PT or the copper john?

Everyone has a story like this and there have been many theories about why. Today we bring you another take on it, and it's very interesting. I don't know if I can remember the color strategy when I get out on the water, but I'm going to try. It may require a cheatsheet in my fishing pack.....


Report from Chile

IMG 2838Barry and Cathy’s group are enjoying beautiful warm weather at Coyhaique River Lodge in Chile. Lots of blue skies and sunny days. Fishing is good and they are catching lots of fish on beetles, fat Alberts, and other summertime flies. Makes me wish I was with them! Click here to see some photos

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Show Season, RIO's New Fly Clips, & A River's Last Chance

It's Show Season!

0072 NEW JERSEY SHOW 2018 DxOThe Fly Fishing Show season kicked off last weekend in Denver with a great show and it's headed east. Looking for new tackle, shopping for a fly fishing trip, interested in a seminar or watching the dozens of demonstrating fly tiers, or just want to get out for the day – the shows are where it's happening.

We hope to see you at the Edison, NJ, show. January 25, 26, 27! Stop by the Sage or Frontiers booth and say hi.

Take a look at for a schedule of shows, clips, photos, exhibitors, programs, and more.


RIO's New Fly Clips and Twist Clips

RIO wants us to use less tippet material? Seriously? Well, yes. That's one benefit of the new RIO fly clips and twist clips. The other benefit is that it simplifies attaching and changing flies. Recommended for wet flies – nymphs, soft hackles, streamers, etc.

This week's RIO Fly Fishing Tip shows how to easily and quickly attach a fly using a Fly Clip, or twist Clip. Not only does a clip add speed to the rigging process, but also is great in low light conditions, and works really well at preventing leaders, tippet and droppers from getting too short. Both versions available in three sizes, 10 to a pack. $3.99 and $5.99. Check it out today at your local RIO dealer.

Use these links for more information and short videos on how the clips & twists work:

A River's Last Chance

Guide and photographer Jason Hartwick takes us on a visual and written journey of the Eel River in northern California. With stunning photography and just enough verbiage to get his important message across, this short story and video gives us cautious encouragement and hope for the Eel in a time of uncertainty for the future of most clean wild rivers.

Thank you Jason and Sage.

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Welcome 2019, Tres Valles & RIO Tips

With today's blog, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and anxious to get 2019 underway. Cleaning out file drawers and looking back over customers orders, trip folders, receipts, and correspondence always puts us in this reflective mood.

0175 TRES VALLES ARGENTINAABarry and I leave for Chile next week for a week at Coyhaique River Lodge. We haven't traveled since early December when we visited Le Fario and Tres Valles lodges in the Esquel region of Argentina and Coyhaique is roughly just a jump over the border and a stone's throw a bit to the north.

It's probably not necessary to say that we love this part of the world. It gets us out of the northeast winter and into more trout streams, spring creeks, lakes and rivers than we could possibly get to in a lifetime of fishing. The country, the people, and the food and wine are always amazing.

We'll spend much of February and March in Argentina and we still have a few couple rooms available. If you will need a trout fix by then consider coming along with us.

Here are a few photos from Tres Valles, one of the stops on our March departure. All of the Patagonia lodges are pretty special to us and we'd love to have you at any of them.

Our Hosted Trips info here

Click here to see photos from Tres Valles

Early 2019 Hosted Trips:

Coyhaique River Lodge, Chile January 12-19
Laguna Verde (Jurassic), Argentina February 9-16
Estancia Tecka, Argentina February 17-23 (1 room open)
Estancia Tres Valles, Argentina March 16-23 (1 room open)
San Huberto Hosteria, Argentina March 24-30 (1 room open)
Limay River Lodge, Argentina March 30-Apr. 6 (1 room open)

RIO Tips riologo

We kick off the new year with a RIO Tip. These are minute long tips on all things RIO. This week Simon gives us a minute of pointers on the Snap-T. It's always fun to watch Simon.

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Happy New Year & Fly Line Winner

We just wanted to wish you all a very Happy & Healthy New Year!



A few weeks ago we announced that we would be giving away a RIO Gold WF5F fly line.  To have your name entered in the drawing you had to purchase $50 worth of flies from us.  The winner is David Hellier.  David your line will be shipped to you shortly!  Congratulations!  riogold

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Christmas Wishes

 christmas2Our fishing season finished up with a long mild fall and a good close to the season. It certainly was a year of ups and downs and it was good to end on a high note. Our head guide, Jim Kukorlo, shares thoughts with us today about the season ending and the new one about to begin.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Cathy, Barry, Brooke, Susie and Eddie


Jim’s Thoughts on the 2018 Season

Although I will continue to fly fish throughout the winter season, for most fly fishermen and how most people think of a trout season, the 2018 season is over.

As I get older the trout seasons seems to go by very quickly. Seems like yesterday I was counting down the days to the 2018 opening day here in Pennsylvania. I have more seasons behind me than I do ahead of me and I wasn't about to waste one just because of less than desirable water and weather conditions.

Locally we have plenty of memories of high water, severe flooding and damage to stream fronts, roads and property. We can be very thankful that there were no lost of lives here in Pennsylvania that I'm aware of.

The number of days I spent on the water was certainly down from other seasons. When I couldn't fish on the big streams I looked to smaller streams to wet my line and found some really good fishing that I've overlooked over the years. With the high water levels here I was finally able to find time to fish the South Holston River in Tennessee, the New River in West Virginia for smallmouth bass and a small stream in the Poconos.

The high water forced me to rethink not only what streams to fish but to look for fish in areas that I would not normally fish. In the high water fish look for back washes and eddies to hide in and to get out of the raging water flows.

I've always wanted to spend more time improving my streamer fishing and this year I was forced into doing just that. My go-to 4 and 5 wt Sage rods were replaced by a 6 wt Sage which could handle heavier RIO streamer tip and 250 grain RIO sinking tip fly lines along with weighted size 6 Cathy Super Buggers and an assortment of weighted nymphs.

I spent evenings at the fly tying table tying heavier weighted nymphs and experimenting with different color on super buggers and streamers. I’ve never had such a large selection of streamers as I do now. I kept notes of what colors worked best for me in different water flows and water color.

Nymph fishing worked best with a 10ft fly rod and good old high stick nymphing in deep pools and riffles. And several of my clients never fished without a strike indicator and were amazed at how well they did without one and learned a new technique in the process.

All in all it was a good season personally for me. It was fun to teach clients different styles of fly fishing for the different and sometimes challenging conditions. And I got to fish different streams that I never found time to do in the past. I now find myself looking forward to the 2019 trout season at home and to whatever it brings.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

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Christmas Wraps, The Extra Six, & Delta Eliminates Plastic Straws

Christmas greetings. Brooke here. Barry and Cathy are finishing up at Tres Valles, Argentina, where they have had an incredible week (I'm sure I'll have photos and an update to share with you next week once they get home). Susie, Eddie, and I have been holding down the fort here, handling fly orders and canvas wraps for Christmas.

If you're considering purchasing a wrap for a gift (see last week's blog) remember that our lab needs at least two weeks to get wraps out to our customers so you'll need to order very soon. I'll show the wraps again below that we are offering for Christmas. The fisherman and the evergreen trees are my favorites!

And, don't forget that your name goes into a drawing for a RIO Perception WF5F fly line when you place a fly order with us for $50 or more until December 27. Check out our fly selections – a great buy. The RIO line is a $99 value so make sure you're in! We'll announce the winner in the December 27 blog.  

Cavas Collage Nov 2018

The Extra Six- By Barrry Beck

sage x


A blog Barry wrote about the Sage X is featured this week on the Sage Blog.  Click here to read it  


Delta Eliminates Plastic Straws

Ever want to put extra emphasis on “Really?” Well, we're with you. If you think we're falling off our rocker, read this article about Delta Airlines (incidentally our favorite airline, but.....really?

Delta Eliminates Plastic Straws. To Save the Planet.

One of the great inventions that we discovered, when moving to the US, were plastic straws. The paper ones we had in NZ had the unfortunate tendency to come unglued, or generally just to fall apart. But for some strange reason, people keen to save the planet would rather focus on the infinitesimal amount of plastic waste generated by plastic straws in the US while ignoring the hundreds/thousands of times greater amounts of plastic waste flooding out of China and India and going straight into the oceans.

Delta is now virtue-signaling its desire to be part of that misplaced focus. So, get this. They’ll happily fly a jet across the Atlantic and burn 7+ tons of fuel every hour while doing so, but now they’re going to save some ounces of plastic straw and plastic stirrers, replacing them with paper/wood/bamboo/whatever, on the flight that consumes 50+ tons of jet fuel. (We note that “bamboo” is often a code word for rayon/viscose and other cellulose type long-lived materials that look for all the world like plastic rather than like wood.)
I always cringe when seeing environmentalists eagerly demand paper bags in the supermarket. Few people think that choice all the way through. A thin plastic bag actually has a much lower total environmental footprint than does a much heavier Kraft paper bag containing ten times or more processed/refined material, and lasting almost as long in a landfill while taking up ten times the landfill space. There is also way less energy, less raw material, and less pollution in making the plastic bag than the paper bag to start with.

It is probably similar when comparing paper and plastic straws. Whatever the exact analysis might reveal, it is likely the replacement “natural” straw has an ecological footprint that is similar in size to the plastic straw.

If Delta is so concerned about saving the environment, perhaps it could cancel a single trans-Atlantic flight, once a year. That would save in the order of 220,000 lbs of jet fuel (plus all the unused straws on the roundtrip flight); and that’s only a bit less than it claims it will save in plastic – a specious claim because it doesn’t consider the offsetting weight of the other-material products being substituted for the plastic items.

Sadly, neither honest science nor common sense has much of a chance when it comes to virtue-signaling environmental concerns and compliances.

[The Travel Insider] This Week's Newsletter, David M. Rowell
Weekly Roundup, Friday 26 October, 2018

Anyway, we hope you have a great week, and remember – 18 shopping days until Christmas!

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