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Somerset Fly Fishing Show Starts Tomorrow

flyfishingshowThis year marks the 23rd annual Somerset Fly Fishing Show, the largest all fly fishing show in the world. This year manufacturers have expanded their presence from any previous year. All the big names in the sport are showing their latest gear for your pleasure. Dealers will be stocked with everything from show specials to state-of-the-art tackle. With more than 200 exhibits, 50 of the best tiers, over 10 presentations every hour, casting demos, and dozens of authors to sign books, this will be a spectacular weekend!

For more information, directions, and presentation schedules, check out the website at

Garden State Exhibit Center, 50 Atrium Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873
Friday: 10-6
Saturday: 8:30-6
Sunday: 9-4:30

Barry and Cathy will be in the Sage booth. Stop in and say hi.


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Cathy's Report from the Field

We're having an interesting week here at Coyhaique River Lodge in Chile. Our first day was rainy, chilly, and windy and we all suffered through it and hoped for better weather ahead. And we got it - As it turned out the first day was our worst day and now we are more than half way through an absolutely beautiful week of weather, guides, and fishing. Our group chile1is fishing an interesting combination of rivers, spring creeks, and lakes.  We've seen winds gusting up to 40 mph (first day), beautiful mayfly hatches, big rainbows on the lakes, and lots of fish landed. After the first day, the weather straightened out and we've had lots of sunshine and moderating breezes. The dry fly fishing has been very good using a lot of parachute Adams and today we caught a number of big fish on Super Buggers on the lake. It's been a perfect week for the Sage Method and ONE rods throwing foam flies. We've put both to work evchile2eryday. It's nice to have a rod that steps right up to the plate when a little more backbone is called for in these Patagonia breezes! On one lake we found big rainbows cruising just under the surface and had a lot of fun casting big beetles to them. The take was very slow and gentle, but immediately upon being hooked they would explode and take off across the lake. Great fun. Actually our guide, Gaston, asked what line we had on the ONE. It was the RIO Perception, a beautiful line on either rod. In addition to the interesting fishing, Coyhaique River Lodge is new, spacious, and comfortable with an excellent staff and amazing guides. I suspect this will be a week we won't soon forget and we'll look forward to coming back.

Thinking of new destinations, we're working on two new trips for 2016, Ireland and the Seychelles. Our itinerary for Ireland will include several castle stays with private trout/salmon fishing at each. This will be much more than a fishing trip, we'll tour the castles, enjoy the accommodations, and take advantage of the fishing. Timing will be summer. Details will be forthcoming. Please let us know if you're interested. It won't be a big group.

It's been at least ten years since our last visit to the Seychelles and it's way past time for a reunion. We loved the amazing fishing and accommodations on our first trip and we don't know why we've waited so long to go back. If you've thought about Giant Trevally and the Seychelles, we'd love to have you join us. Planning is still in the very early stages, but if you've an interest in the Seychelles, please let us know and we'll keep you posted as we finalize plans. It's bound to be an exciting destination.2262 ARGENTINA DEC 2013

We also have one room still available (1 or 2 people), at Tres Valles, Argentina for March 1-8, 2015.  It's a great destination and a great time of year to be there.  Trout fishing in the Andes, beautiful scenery and lots of fish.  Give our office a call at 877-278-5638 if you'd like more information.  

We'll talk more next week.


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More Good News

red fish



The Online Fisherman is not a fly fishing site, but recently it featured a piece about the redfish coming back strong in Florida. It's an interesting story and we thought you might enjoy it - especially if you fish for reds! Click here to read the story.

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New Year's Update

 We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year! We certainly enjoyed the time with our families and the optimism that comes with the start of a new year. We wanted to take this opportunity to give you a quick overview of some of the new and exciting things going on here looking at the year ahead.

 First of all we are currently working on improving our website. Since launching our new site 2 years ago, we have updated, changed and worked on most every part of it, and continue to do so. We are looking to make it easier for you to navigate along with adding more options to keep you in the loop of what Barry & Cathy are doing. Their trip schedule, our store, and Barry's photography continue to be our top priorities and we are always looking for ways to improve your online experience with us.

Where's Nancy going?

On a more personal note, we have some upcoming changes in the office. Nancy, who has run the whole show here for more than 10 years is looking to semi-retire. She has recently become a Grandma for the second time and is looking forward to spending more time with her family. Although we have a huge void to fill with her leaving, we are thankful that she is willing to help us through the transition and will still help us out one day a week.

Eddie & I will attempt to pick up most of Nancy's tasks. She is currently showing us the ins and outs of all that goes on here, and although I'm sure some things will change, our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for everyone. We are looking forward to getting to know each of you through email, phone calls, and hopefully even in person. I look forward to talking to you the next time you contact the office.officeselfie

Me a photographer? I don't think so.

 From the photography end, I know Barry is keeping up with the new technology and cameras. Evidence of this is found in all the boxes that have been delivered from Roberts Camera. I can't tell you much more about this as I'm still most comfortable with my iPhone camera (see office selfie)! I'm sure these new cameras will deliver the best in photo imaging for 2015. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos from his next trip. In regards to photos, my goal is to share more of his images with you this year. I get to "travel" to so many amazing places through his lens, and I know you would love to see what I see here while editing. I'm adding this to my to-do list.

Any new trips?

And last but not least, Barry & Cathy as Frontiers hosts have some exciting travel news for you....Cathy and Barry are currently on their way to Chile with a group to visit a new lodge, Coyhaique River Lodge, which they are very anxious to see and anticipate it being another great trip and destination for us. In March they are taking a few "regulars" along and fishing a new lodge on the Limay River in Argentina. The Limay is a favorite of theirs, but the destination has always lacked adequate accommodations - until now. In April, they will be in the Yucatan fishing for baby tarpon and snook in Campeche and dovetailing it with Grand Slam Lodge for permit, bonefish and tarpon. A combination they are excited about. And in June they will be returning to Iceland, but this time in association with Fish Partners, who specialize in customized angler excursions throughout Iceland, and are excited about seeing new water, relatively close to Reykjavik. This means lots of new photos will be coming my way!

Who is Farbank?

3067 BECK IMAGE 2014

This was one of my first questions when I started here and I am asked it often. Farbank is the company that owns the three brands that Barry & Cathy are ambassadors for - Sage, RIO, and Redington. Cathy & Barry have been with Sage, and now Farbank, for over 25 years and have recently signed a rather long term contract continuing their association. Farbank is in extremely good hands with Jay Green at the helm. The Becks have always said that Jay is the kind of owner every company dreams of, he's totally dedicated to the sport of fly fishing, has an appreciation for the history of the sport and is an outstanding angler. Barry and Jay fish together each year here on our home stream, Fishing Creek. I've looked at many photos of beautiful fish that Jay has landed on water that can be extremely complicated at times (so I'm told). On the Sage end, rod designer Jerry Siem continues to create incredible casting rods. Simon Gawesworth and his crew at RIO continue to push the envelope in fly line design and technology. I think that the Beck's relationship with Farbank and hosting trips for Frontiers is a perfect fit.

I should also mention that they have worked and represented Smith Optics for probably as many years and have a long standing relationship with Nikon camera, two premier companies in optics. We welcome your questions with regards to any of these brands and products.

Thanks for supporting us in 2014, we are truly grateful for our clients and friends. Happy Casting in 2015!

Sage  riologo redington smithoptics-logo nikon

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Christmas Gift Ideas

If you're looking for some last minute Christmas gifts, we've got you covered.  First we have put togDSC 2120ether The Super Set, a combination of our most popular fly selections, Cathy's Super Beetles & Super Buggers.  Specially priced at $45.95 plus $6.50 shipping, you get a dozen of each pattern, individually boxed. 

We have also chosen six of our favorite prints that we know you will love.  They are unframed, 13"x19" prints on glossy paper.  They would make beautiful gifts for that hard to buy person on your list. $60 each plus $6.50 shipping.

For quick processing, place your order by calling our office at 877-278-5638 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2015 Winter Online Print Sale Ad



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Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us here at Beck Photography, we hope you are enjoying your day with family and friends.  We have a beautiful blanket of snow in our backyard and are counting our blessings today and every day. 

So from our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!thanksgiving

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Natural Gas Compromise & New Tarpon Streamer

Compromise on the Roan

Being thankful is what's on our minds this week, and we do have much to be thankful for. In Colorado fishermen, sportsmen, and natural gas drillers are both thankful that a nonpartisan resolution has been reached that will allow the Roan Plateau, where many species thrive including a strain of native Colorado cutthroat trout, to be preserved and at the same time allow energy developers to get at billions of dollars in natural gas deposits.

Here in Pennsylvania too, natural gas is a big issue - and big business. At the moment there is a lot of local controversy over the proposed Keystone Pipeline which is planned to move natural gas. Almost 500,000 miles of interstate pipeline crisscross America, carrying crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas. Keystone will traverse Columbia County (where we live) from north to south. As you can imagine the local paper is filled with views from both sides, often heated, and it's hard to tell where it will all end. In the meantime, isn't it nice to read about opposite sides working together? May we all be encouraged as we negotiate conservation issues in our own communities. Here's how they did it in Colorado.


New Black & Purple Tarpon Tempter

DSC 2117We're really excited about this new fly. The tarpon tempter worked wonders for us in Belize and Mexico. In the past, the Black Snake was always the first fly that we attached to the shock tippet - and it still rates very high on our list of favorite tarpon flies, but the combination of black and purple in the Tempter was absolutely irresistible to the tarpon at Belize River Lodge and Isla Holbox, Mexico. The fly has fantastic action in the water and for the size, is easy to cast. This is a fly that can be stripped either slow or fast, depending on the mood of the tarpon.

And, this past September we took the Tarpon Tempter along with us to Bolivia and we landed all of our large Dorado on it. Beautifully tied on a 1/0 hook. Try it and become a believer!  It's now available on our website.   $8.75 each

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From Cathy's Desk

It's very cold here in PA this week.  Unusually cold for this time of year. My office looks out into thewhitetail woods behind our house and I can see a nice 8-point buck chasing three doe around.  It's a sure sign of winter and soon he will drop his antlers and wait out spring.  The deer have it made here because we don't allow any hunting on our property so they have some protection from rifle season that will start soon.  They clean up the bird seed that Barry intentionally spills every day so they are here a lot.  

We'll soon be leaving for Tres Valles, Argentina, and have been getting stuff to take down for the guides.  Today we received a Nikon lens, yesterday binoculars, we have a camera coming.  Often it's fly tying supplies.  Last year it was a coat from Cabela's.  It's a good reminder of how lucky we are to live here where if an item doesn't come overnight, we're disappointed.  Sometimes they wait a year in Argentina!

We're going to start hearing from Brooke a little more here in the blog.  She's dialed into the submissions that Nancy is working on, the upcoming changes and events on the web site, and the general pulse of what we do here.  So starting next week, she'll have something to say.  I have no idea what she will start with, but I'm sure it will be interesting to read.  Feed her (us) your questions if there is something you'd like to read about.

Speaking of Ten-Was-The-Deal-Bookreading, I wanted to share a great book with you before the holidays.  We recently had the pleasure of John & Claudia Faris, who joined us on our trip to Spain.  We enjoyed their company and now have two new good friends.  At the end of the trip John gave us a copy of his book, Ten Was The Deal, and I started reading it that night.  It's a delightful book of short hunting and fishing stories told by John of his childhood with his dad and grandfather.  Set in pinewoods, along Piedmont streams, in Lowcountry fields or along the coast of the Carolinas.  It's a lovely gift idea that will be enjoyed by all.  You can find it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or if you'd like it personalized it can be ordered directly from John at 864-573-9311 or on his website.   I think you'll like it as much as we did. Paperback. 235 pages.Cathy

I've been asked lately to share a little more about what we do when we're not traveling.  So here's what's on our agenda as of recent:  Barry and I were in Towson, MD, last night at the Maryland TU meeting.  Barry does most of the presentations but they've asked me this time so I spoke about my freshwater bucket list.  It was a nice meeting and we were glad to be invited.  I also just finished a piece for Country Magazine and we put together a feature for Overland Journal on our trip to Mongolia.  There's always something on the to do list.  For now, I'm trying to teach myself iPhoto and struggling.  Anyway, we hope you have a good week and we'll stay in touch.  -Cathy



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Delayed Harvest Change in PA

brown trout release 080174As fly fishermen many of us know the value of Pennsylvania's Delayed Harvest areas. These are places where we can be pretty sure of finding fish throughout the fishing season when a lot of the open water has been fished out. Sometimes we share the Delayed Harvest areas with spin fishermen who are fishing using a single barbless hook and most of the time these anglers too, are careful to release their trout unharmed, sharing the same philosophy about the environment and the fish. On other stretches, the regulations may be fly fishing only, but regardless of the regulations, there is no doubt that these regulated areas are successful and attract anglers who think alike.

Well, now we read that the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission is considering a change in the regulations to allow bait fishing. This, of course, is causing quite a stir - as it should. We should be down right mad, fighting mad. Whether we can stop this nonsense remains to be seen, but we urge everyone to read TCO's blog this week and make your voices heard. 

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Nick Lyons and Maryland Trout Unlimited Presentation

spring creek


When Cathy was approached by Nick Lyons in 1995 to write her first Fly Fishing Handbook (now in it's third printing), she told Nick that she wasn't the person for this assignment, that she couldn't write a book. He told her, "Cathy, writing a book is like wading a river, you get in and take one step at a time." And then he led her through each step to completion. It is many years later but Mr. Lyons has always remained a very special friend to both Cathy and Barry.

Many of you have enjoyed Nick's books and writing and we thought you might also enjoy this piece by Jim Casada which recently appeared in Sporting Classics Daily. Thank you Nick for all the years of beautiful writing you've given us.  Click here to read the article



We also wanted to mention that Barry and Cathy will be at the Maryland Trout Unlimited chapter meeting, Wednesday, November 19, at the Towson Presbyterian Church.  Cathy will be presenting her "Freshwater Bucket List" program, a presentation of her favorite fishing destinations.  If you live in the Baltimore area, they hope to see you there!  Click here for details


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