SPAI N 2016 886
Pyrenees, Spain

September 17-24, 2020

Spain is very different from our other fly fishing departures. Maybe it's the country with in-your-face history going back thousands of years everywhere you look; it might be the uniqueness of the fishing — one day you're fishing a small alpine stream for wild zebra trout and the next day you may be on a tail water landing a 9 pound brown; it might be the welcoming, small mountain town atmosphere of Ayren, our home base for the week; or the outgoing instantly likable personality of our outfitter, Ivan Tarin, and his guides or it could be the gracious hospitality of our restaurant and hotel owner, Juan Antonio.

As in most mountainous areas, the fish are not all big but all are wild and beautiful. This is not a destination for the fish of a lifetime, although you will have the opportunity to catch up to 9 pound fish, or larger. It is not technical fishing, wading is easy to moderate, flies are fairly simple. Our favorite flies were super beetles, parachute Adams, Wulffs, Humpies, and small nymphs. It's fun fishing.

Spain offers a variety of fishing experiences and you can be sure of having an amazing week of beautiful fish with medieval castles, cathedrals, watch towers and ancient homesteads as your backdrop against the fall colors of the Spanish Pyrenees. As you travel with your guides each day, you'll pass through small villages and ski towns reminiscent of early days Jackson Hole. For anglers and non-anglers alike, this is paradise. Anglers may choose to fish all day, everyday, or combine the fishing with some hosted sight seeing.

Please consult the itinerary for costs and complete details. If you're looking for something different, definitely consider Spain. You'll be glad you did.

Barry and Cathy Beck
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