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Ireland- Trout Fishing & Castle Tour

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Ireland is a trip that we look forward to for many reasons. On our first trip to Ireland in the summer of 2016, we were pleasantly surprised at the quality trout fishing we experienced. Andrew Ryan and his guides have access to miles of private, controlled, catch-and-release trout water which supports a good population of 14 – 20" brown trout. These are small to medium size trout streams with beautiful brown trout anxious to take a well placed fly. We fished attractor flies with droppers, saw nice hatches, and beautiful water.

But, in addition to the good trout fishing, the non anglers in the group had a private coach and driver to themselves and headed out in a different direction everyday to explore historic sites, castles, shopping, and even a visit now and then to the local pub (authentic Irish, of course).

After several days of trout fishing, we took a long, scenic, coastal drive to Galway on the western coast for salmon fishing, the second half of the trip. Here we enjoyed accommodations at the immaculately preserved and renovated Ballynahinch Castle, once home to the pirate queen, Grace O'Malley, and Humanity Dick Martin.

The Ballynahinch Castle fishery consists of 2.5 miles of river divided into eight salmon beats. The run of big grilse peaks is in late June and early July, thus the timing of our trip. The fishery is characterized by short streams and big, deep pools. Wellies are the foot attire here for anglers do not wade, but fish from footbridges and stiles strategically positioned to cover the best water.

The Irish countryside is as green as green can be with farms, sheep, orchards, streams, and homes throughout. It is a beautiful country with lovely people and beautiful brown trout. Our itinerary for 2020 doesn't change from earlier years except that we are starting out at Ballynahinch Castle and finishing at Andrew Ryan's in Clonmel.  Read over the itinerary and consider joining us in June for an Irish adventure you won't soon forget.

Barry and Cathy Beck
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