Villa Maria Lodge

March 11-20, 2020

We have waited years for the chance at a good week of sea-run brown trout fishing in Tierra del Fuego, it's been worth the wait for March, 2020, will find us at the famed Villa Maria Lodge on the Rio Grande.

The Rio Grand has become the most productive sea-run brown trout fishery in the world, flowing from west to east for 60 miles from the Andes to the South Atlantic. It is here that sea-run browns spawn during fall in the southern hemisphere. Trout, unlike salmon, will spawn and return to the ocean numerous times during the course of their lifetime and catch and release practices have benefitted return numbers and overall population growth here in recent years.

Villa Maria Lodge is located on the Jose Menendez Estancia, dating back to 1894. Surrounded by 120,000 acres of graze land. The lodge building that is now Villa Maria was once the ranch manager home and has been completely transformed into a modern fishing escape.

An opportunity like this doesn't come often and we are pleased to offer it. Join us at Villa Maria for an extraordinary experience to what is known as “the end of the earth.” The landscape of Tierra del Fuego is a sparsely populated wilderness, large sheep estancias, herds of llama-like Guanacos on windswept plains....and amazing wild sea-run brown trout.

This will be a very small group. While the lodge has access to over 20 kilometers of the Rio Grande, they accommodate only 6 anglers a week. It's been our dream for years to return to Tierra del Fuego and we hope that you will join us.


Barry and Cathy Beck
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