Fly fishing the Soca river Slovenia

June 19-28, 2019

Slovenia was bound to appear on our calendar. You see we have a small group of friends who love to explore new destinations with us and Slovenia came up over dinner a while back. Then there were months of kicking it around, talking to Kristene Fitzgerald at Frontiers, and that lead to looking at a tentative itinerary and well, here we are.

While this first departure is tentatively sold out to that group mentioned above, we are hoping that Slovenia might become a stop on our schedule going forward. There are a couple of destinations that we can't fit into our line-up of trips annually but are still destinations that we love and want to do as often as time permits. Those of you who know us well, will think of Mexico, Belize and Alaska, which are all in this category. So, based on what we find on this first trip, we are hoping to get Slovenia into the rotation of every couple years.

DSC 6009Slovenia has two watersheds and all water flows into either the Adriatic or Danube systems. It is a fishing destination for grayling, browns, rainbows, brook and marble trout. Group size will always be limited as there are no lodges, we will be staying in local hotels and fishing small to medium size privately owned streams. While the fish size range is wide, we've seen photos of some pretty impressive fish.

So, if Slovenia is on your radar, please contact us and we'll keep you posted on how this first adventure goes. Slovenia is a beautiful country and this sounds like a pretty amazing trip. We hope to return in the future and hope to have you with us.

Barry and Cathy Beck
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