1870 Argentina 2018 LIMAY

 March 28- April 8, 2019

Anglers have come to the Limay River for years in search of big fish that live here, and many have gone home with memories of the “trip fish” from this river. Until just recently, anglers had to camp on the river or stay in less than adequate motels in the little village of Piedra del Aquila. Jorge Trucco had a vision of an upscale fly fishing lodge on the middle Limay, and he realized his dream a few years ago.

The Limay River Lodge, the only lodge on the river, is just steps away from the river bank. A courtyard surrounds a grand fire pit, a focal point and gathering place where fish stories and Malbec abound. Rooms conveniently face the courtyard, each offering double occupancy accommodations, air conditioning, and private bath. In wet or windy weather guests gather around the fireplace in the spacious dining room for cocktails and stories. The lodge offers 10 beats both upstream and downstream from the lodge with a fleet of Hyde drift boats.

The Limay water is harnessed for hydro-electric production, thus creating Patagonia's finest tailwater. A “freestone” by nature, the river features gravel flats, braids, riffles and sheer cliff walls. At times sinking lines and big streamers are dredged on the bottom in search of a trophy fish. At other times, like March, the flows are low and the water is perfect for teasing big foam flies across the surface enticing the big browns to come out and play. Yet at other times anglers may encounter a hatch and will cast dry flies to rising rainbows. It's all fun. Come and see for yourself.

This departure dovetails nicely with San Huberto, the week before, for anglers planning for more than one week of fishing in Patagonia. Please see the itinerary for complete details and pricing. If you enjoy hunting for big fish, you should consider The Limay River Lodge.

Barry & Cathy Beck

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