AFRICA 2015 13063

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In the trip business there are a few things that we can control and many that we can't. We'd love to control the weather, airlines, fishing conditions, and currency exchange. Unfortunately, we can't. But we can make sure your trip is as well-planned as possible with regards to timing, itineraries, quality of staff and guides, accommodations and food. That combined with a little help from Mother Nature and we're off on a good trip.

With that said, we are happy to say that we've had very few trips that didn't go as planned and that is largely due to the efforts the Frontiers staff puts into planning trips with us. If we need a hotel en route, they know a good one. Dinner in Buenos Aires? They will know the best restaurants. Don't speak the language? No problemo, they will arrange for a good bilingual transfer company to meet us. Trip insurance? You bet. If an airline goes on strike in the middle of a trip, they will figure out how we're going to get home. And a real person will answer the phone at Frontiers 24/7. How do you beat that? You can't.

And while these are all very valid reasons to consider a hosted trip, perhaps most of all it's the people you meet, the stories and experiences shared, and the friendships made. Over the years we've seen lasting friendships develop and fishing partnerships form simply because they ended up on the same trip many years ago.

Any destination we choose, Frontiers has already been there and done the ground work. From guides and boats to meals and transfers, everything is going to run smoothly. We feel very fortunate to say that we've spent more than 25 great years hosting Frontiers trips. Frontiers keeps a finger on the pulse of the world as climate and political events challenge some of the best global fishing destinations. You can count on their expertise for not only when a political situation develops, but for finding the best destinations, and knowing when to be there.

We have regular annual destinations that haven't changed in years like the Bighorn River in Montana, Mexico, Patagonia, Chile and Alaska.  In addition, we have many destinations that we'd like to squeeze into the annual calendar but there just isn't room for all so we rotate them, like Belize River Lodge, New Zealand, Iceland, Brazil, Bahamas, Spain, and our African photo safaris, not to mention a new destination or two.

You'll find detailed information, sample trip itineraries, and photos on each destination. If we can answer any questions or if you'd like to check on availability, please do not hesitate to contact us or Frontiers. We hope to see you on a trip soon.