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Visitors from Argentina & Spring Creek Fly Fishing

Visitors from Argentina

We had the pleasure of two special visitors this past week, Pedro Ochoa and Martin Weaver, from Estancia Tecka in Argentina. Tecka is a beautiful fishing lodge in the Esquel area of Patagonia, and one of our favorite stops each year.

We were excited to have Pedro and Martin here and wanted to show them our home stream, Fishing Creek, but we were holding our breath because we were getting heavy rains and knew that before long the stream would blow out. We hurried around, got them into waders, and rushed to the stream. The water was definitely on the rise and was just beginning to go off color, but what an amazing couple of hours of fishing they had! A couple hours was literally all they got and then the water was too deep, too fast, too dirty, but they were cold and wet by then anyway and dinner was beginning to sound good.

Spring Creek Fly Fishing for Trout Video

I tend to be kind of ho hum about a lot of fishing videos and I only share with you the videos that truly help us to be better fishermen or tiers, or when I see or feel something in the video that moves me.

One thing that grazing through videos has taught me though, is that Todd Moen videos are always worth watching. This week Spring Creek Fly Fishing for Trout was featured in MidCurrent, so I took a look. Enjoy as Pete Corbett from Creekside Angling Company takes us spring creek fishing and gives us some very good tips for fishing everywhere!

Thank you MidCurrent, Todd Moen and Pete Corbett.

Fishing Report

Until the high water hit us a few days ago we were in “high Cotton” as they say. We've been blown out for a couple days but the stream is looking good today and will be at a good fishable level by tomorrow. Everyone will be looking for the Grannom caddis, Hendricksons and March Browns and we should have a few weeks of darn good fishing ahead of us. Here are a few shots from this week.

That's is for this week. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather and get out to fish!

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