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Loon Outdoors, Frontiers and BTT, & Holiday Special

Happy day after Thanksgiving. We had a beautiful fall day here in Pennsylvania, and whatever the weather was for you, we hope the day was blessed with family and friends. Although a day late we'd like to share with you the Thanksgiving message from the Team at Loon Outdoors. Thank you Loon, beautifully put.

Thanksgiving arrives at the perfect time of year at Loon Outdoors. The commotion created by the release of new products in the fall has subsided. The rush of Christmas orders and holiday shipping hasn’t fully begun. The enthusiasm of our kids (many of us have young families) hasn’t quite reached a fever pitch, but it is contagious enough for us to feel the rising tide of holiday joy.

In other words, Thanksgiving—the holiday which prompts us to assume a posture of gratitude—comes during a rhythmic pause, giving us the space to take inventory of the extensive list of things for which we are grateful. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we feel compelled to express our gratitude for a few things in particular.

Local Fly Shops If you’re a fly angler, there is nothing more valuable than a local fly shop. And not just your local fly shop, but also the shop that is a stone’s-throw from the river you’ve never fished. No amount of blog reading or YouTube binging will offer you anywhere close to the amount of knowledge offered at a local shop. It truly is a gift to the sport. Of course, we are grateful that specialty fly shops choose to carry Loon products. But we’re also grateful for the service that we have received as customers and anglers in need of advice.

1% For The Planet Partners We love that we get to make products that help people pursue their passions, get outdoors, and spend time with friends. But, thanks to the persistence of passionate men and women, we can turn those products into encouragement for foster kids, cleaner rivers, hope for underprivileged young people, and healthier fisheries. Their tireless efforts towards these noble ends allow us to run in our lane, knowing that they are changing the world in theirs.

Learn more about our 1% For The Planet Partners: Cast Hope The Mayfly Project Trout Unlimited Henry's Fork Foundation

Fish (and their homes) It’s easy to focus on catching fish, and we have had many good days doing just that. But sometimes we are struck by other things like how many colors of green there are on the bank. Or how unique the spots are on a particular trout. Or how mesmerizingly consistent the water is in the shape of a river. And when that happens, the good days of catching fish become the great days of being thankful that these fish (and the beautiful places they live) were created.

So whether it happens during the Thanksgiving season or another time in the year, here is to hoping that you too have the margin to say thank you.

-The Team at Loon Outdoors

Frontiers and BTT

Frontiers had the privilege of sponsoring and attending the recent 7th International Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Science Symposium and Flats Expo in South Florida. Frontiers has been involved with BTT since they were founded in 1997 and has enjoyed celebrating the tremendous initiatives, programs, and accomplishments this organization has experienced over the last 25 years. Frontiers supports BTT's efforts in bringing science to the fight for healthy fisheries and clean water and encourage you to do the same. Interested in contributing to this conservation-focused organization? Consider joining BTT and making a donation. Your support makes all the difference.

Congratulations to Frontiers and to BTT. This is the season of being thankful and charitable. Here is a great (4:53) look at the BTT and it is always amazing what a few people can do once they set their sights on something and believe in it. BTT is making positive change in our fisheries and we thank them.

And, while you're right there at the end of the video take a look at Captain Paul Dixon's tribute ( As recipient of the 2022 Lefty Kreh Award for lifetime Achievement on Conservation, Captain Dixon has been instrumental in fishing policies and conservation from Long Island to Florida. Many of you have fished with Paul and know what a special person he is. Here's his story – it's worth the time. Enjoy.

Holiday Special!

Our two best selling fly selections, Super Beetles and Super Buggers, with our 2023 calendar. All for $67.00. Purchased separately it would be $79.89. Great for gifting or to enjoy yourself! A mix of flies in sizes and colors in each selection with our 13 month 2023 wall calendar.


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