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Good Bye Summer-Hello Fall, Spain Recap, & Our 2022 Schedule

Good Bye Summer, Hello Fall

Today is the last day of September. I find it bittersweet to think of September and warm summer weather, long days, hatches and spinner falls all behind us for another year. With a little luck we will have another month of what is often the nicest weather of the year, but we all know what comes next.

We've had an exceptional season of fishing here on Fishing Creek and that should continue into November. The stream has been blessed with great water levels and the fish are in the best shape of the year. This is good as we move closer to spawning season and the next generation of fish. As the fish move into the shallow areas to spawn, there are eagles, herons, ospreys, uncaring or uninformed anglers, mink and other predators to worry about and a bit more water gives them a slight edge to go about their business so we're glad for the good water this year.

Come fish with us in October if you can. It's likely to be the last beautiful month we have before winter sets in.

Thank you, Spain!

It felt so good to travel internationally again – our first trip since Covid changed world travel. The Covid test requirements were easily met, flights and transfers were smooth and calm, hotels were happy to see us, and the fishing was very good.

We have a couple departures that are especially designed for anglers and non-anglers and Spain is one of these. The non-anglers have professional tour guides and drivers and they take off everyday on their own adventure to medieval towns and villages, monasteries, cathedrals, wine-tasting, lunches on the square, old castles, mountain vistas, wineries, and much more.

Each day the anglers head off to tail-water streams and freestone rivers like the “Test”, “Lost River”, the “Bridge” and others. There are helicopter fly-outs and high mountain streams and lakes for barbel and wild fish. It's fall and big fish are moving into the rivers, fish up to 14 pounds are showing up for the first time and it's an exciting time to be in the mountains and on the rivers.

Every night we're spoiled with authentic Mediterranean cuisine and local Spanish wines and every meal is an adventure of tapas, local dishes, and exquisite main courses – all prepared and served in the wine cellar private dining room by Juan Antonio and his staff at Casa Domenc. It's a fun week and a beautiful time of year to be in the Pyrenees.

Click here for a few of our favorite photos. We're already looking forward to next year and will be announcing dates soon. We hope you'll consider joining us.

Looking a head to 2022

This is how it's shaping up:

Until next week, we love to get your comments, questions, and critiques. Please let us know what you'd like to see in the blog. We hope you have a great week and can get out to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

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