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Adams Wulff & African Safari

New Look for the Adams

When Leonard Halladay first introduced his Adams dry fly in 1922, I’m sure he had no idea that it would become one of the best dry fly patterns for trout world wide. Over time tiers would add a parachute version which works amazingly well, there would be body color changes and even an egg sack version. The Adams would find its way into the Wulff line in larger sizes for heavy fast water environments . Bottom line it’s a mainstay in every dry fly box.

This past December we were hosting a Frontiers group to Argentina Waters, a lovely small fishing lodge near the Esquel area of Argentina. Lodge owner and head guide Gonzalo Martinez, put us over a pod of sipping rainbows. We saw a large number of small gray colored mayflies on the water and were sure that this was what the rainbows were feeding on. Gonzalo offered a size 18 Adams with white hair wings and not surprising to us it worked like magic. The white wings made the fly easier to see and the trout could not have been happier.

Sometimes we make fly fishing and fly selection more difficult than it has to be. Of course there are times when matching the hatch is critical to success, especially during a hatch, but there are probably at least as many times when a generic fly, like an Adams, will work just as well — and often during a hatch in the correct size and color. Gonzalo brought this point home to us. The Adams Wulff, like the Ausable Wulff, is fun to fish, easy to follow, and and a good choice just about anytime when fish are taking dry flies.

We’ve added the Adams Wulff to our online store. Take a look.

African Safari

In 1969, Frontiers Travel was started by Mike & Susie Fitzgerald, and they began with trips

to Africa. Now, more than 50 years later and representing hundreds of destinations around the world, Africa is still a big part of what they do everyday at Frontiers. In the years since those first trips, the second generation is now at the helm at company headquarters, and Africa is still just as deeply embedded in their hearts and minds as it was when the senior Fitzgeralds first dreamed it.

I'd say that 50 years in Africa pretty much makes them experts on African Safari travel and the eight African Safaris that we've been honored to host for them have confirmed that fact over and over again. Every departure is thoroughly researched and an ultimate safari itinerary prepared with no detail skipped. We know exactly how every day, every transfer, every flight, every reservation is going to go because someone at Frontiers has our back. They are watching our trip everyday and if something unexpected happens, say a flight gets cancelled, they are on top of it – usually before we know about it.

It's taken a few years of East African safaris for us to learn the lay of the land, and the safari we have put together for Kenya and Tanzania is golden. It combines the best lodges and the best experiences for a trip of a lifetime. Come with us to experience the great migration, the best appointed lodges, and the best game viewing that E. Africa has to offer.

Here is our itinerary. Take a careful look at the places we will visit this summer. It doesn't get any better. If you're dreaming of Africa, you'll be glad that you joined us on this amazing adventure. Guaranteed stories and photos to last a lifetime.

Cathy & Barry are finishing up their last week in Argentina and I'm sure they will have some great stories and photos for me to blog next week. Until then, here's their upcoming trip list and I'll bet a few trips have an open spot- reach out if you'd like to chat about traveling with them! -Brooke

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