South Island NZ1072

New Zealand

February 5-21, 2018 (Customized Shorter Itineraries Available)

I'm sitting here reading my journal and wondering what to say about New Zealand that's going to make you want to join us in February. What I'm seeing as I leaf through the pages is one big fish after another caught on dry flies in crystal clear water, and as I read each entry I can visualize each fish coming deliberately to the fly, I see him sip it in, the angler is forcing himself to wait (you know, "God Save the Queen" and all that), and at the precise moment he strikes and hooks the fish. Now it's a war between man and fish as the fish charges down (or up) river with the angler trying to keep up in hot pursuit of what could easily be the best fish of his lifetime.


I could tell you that the air is cleaner, the water is clearer, the fish are stronger, riverbeds can be rockier and the people are friendlier than any place we've ever been, but that is something that has to be experienced first hand. We listened one night as a friend toasted New Zealand as the Everest of Trout Fishing. That it truly is.

We will be visiting two of the South Island's premier fly fishing lodges.  Riverview Lodge is a small, quaint lodge owned and operated by John & Robin Gemmell in the Hanmer Springs area, and Owen River Lodge which has quickly ascended to one of the premier lodges in the Murchison area, owned and operated by Felix Borenstein.  Read more about the lodges in the Itinerary.

2011 nz south island1562aIn February the rivers are at good summer water levels and the fishing is predominately dry flies - big beetles, hoppers, cicada imitations, humpies, and wulffs. It's fun and exciting fishing. We hope you join us for what is always an exceptional experience.

Itineraries can be easily customized for shorter or longer stays.  Please see the itinerary for more details or contact us for more specific requests and information.  We hope to see you in New Zealand in February!

Barry and Cathy Beck
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