QQ Brown

Patagonia, Argentina

March 16- April 12, 2017

We visit Argentina in late March/early April every year for the fall fishing. This is a special time of year in Argentina. The rivers are in good shape water wise, the fish are in great shape from a season of eating, and the weather usually brings us cool, crisp mornings and warm comfortable afternoons typical of early fall.

 We are including three estancias in our itinerary.  This is a plus for anglers who do the full itinerary and enjoy the experience of three estancias on three different rivers, taking advantage of the opportunity to fish in three very different fishing environments.  Our third lodge for 2017 is the newly opened Limay River Lodge.

The Rio Malleo at San Huberto Estancia is a beautiful spring creek flowing down out of the Andes and through the expansive San Huberto property. Throughout its many beats anglers experience flats, runs, canyons, and meadow stretches. You'll look for baetis and caddis hatches or perhaps fish a streamer or big beetle through the canyon run. It's a lovely variety of classic riffle-pool water and fish. Ernie Schweibert described it as, "The jewel of all spring creeks." Ernie was right. The Malleo is wade fishing at it's best. The ever-watchful and picturesque Lanin volcano towers above the horizon and adds to an already stunning backdrop.


Continue with us to the Rio Collon Cura and the 240,000 acre Quemquemtreu Estancia. We'll float the river for three days casting streamers, nymphs and the occasional dry for the browns and rainbows that live here. The Collon Cura is a big gentle river flowing through scenic arid landscapes. Don't come with tired arms because they will get a work out here. Due to its low gradient, floating is quite pleasant and opportunities exist to get out and wade gravel bars and shallow riffles.

The Limay River Lodge is located on the southern bank of the Limay River, 43 miles downriver from the town of Piedra del Aquila. Anglers have fished the famous Limay for years looking for a trophy fish - and often finding it, but there were no nice accommodations and available small-town-hotel lodging was "mediocre" at best. A couple years ago Jorge Trucco showed us an architect's rendition of a new lodge that he was planning to build and today it is a reality. While they are still putting the finishing touches on the Limay River Lodge, fishing is taking precedence and happy anglers abound. Join us for 3 days of fishing the Limay. It may be where you take your "trip fish". The LRL is the only destination fishing lodge on the banks of this tail water with exclusive put in access and 10 breathtaking beats accommodating just 10-12 anglers. The Limay is a big river and produces big fish, whether you're casting dry flies or looking for that trip fish with a sinking-line and big streamer.

Anglers who choose the full itinerary will enjoy 11 days of guided fishing at these three famous estancias. There will be some additional fishing on the transfer days. Off-the-charts fishing, guides, food, wine, and accommodations. Shorter itineraries are also available. Single room/single guide rates are available. Please refer to the itinerary for complete information.

Prices include all guiding, meals, transfers and lodging. Airfare, tips and incidentals are not included. Please contact us for availability, information on single occupancy, detailed itineraries, or with any questions you may have.

Barry and Cathy Beck
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