TECKA 2017 3149

Patagonia Argentina, 2018

Estancia Tecka, March 3-10
San Huberto Hosteria, March 11-17
Limay River Lodge, March 17-24

People ask why we spend so much of March in Argentina. The answer is easy. We get out of the sloppy cold spring in the northeast....and maybe miss a late season snow storm. All good enough reasons. But there are lots of warm sunny destinations that we could run away to at that time of year.

Looking at it from a fishing point of view, we have to say that we choose Argentina because it's dependable fishing. Yes, there may be an exception now and then, but for the most part it's beautiful fall weather, warm days and cool nights. The fish have been eating all spring and summer and are in the best shape of the year. The rivers are in great shape too and fall is in the air – our favorite season anywhere. TECKA 2017 3757

But, it's more than that. We return to Argentina a couple times of year for the people as much as the fishing. We wouldn't host trips to San Huberto for more than 20 consecutive years if we didn't enjoy the relationships we've formed with the Olsen family and the guides. When you consider the superb fishing the Rio Malleo spring creek offers and the privilege of staying the San Huberto, why going back annually is just something we have wouldn't miss! The Olsen family carefully manage more than 20 beats on the spring creek which range from placid meadow pools to tumbling canyon pocket water. In fall the baetis hatches can provide all day dry fly fishing and, well – you've got to see it to believe it. 

This will be our second year at Estancia Tecka, a beautiful old ranch in the province of Chubut, near Esquel. Of course you would expect the accommodations to be first class and they are, but it's the fishing that guests come for. With more than 45 miles of the Corcovado and even more of the little Tecka Spring Creek, the Estancia offers lots of variety – from all day scenic river float trips to walk wading and casting small hoppers and dry flies to rising browns on the spring creek. There are also a couple lakes on the property with some hefty bruisers looking for a big foam bug.

We'll finish up our Argentina tour with a week at the Limay River Lodge, located on the southern bank of the Limay River. Anglers have come to the Limay River for years in search of the big fish that live here and many have gone home with memories of the “trip fish” from on this river. The Limay is a tail water fishery and there are times when sinking lines and big streamers dredged on the bottom are necessary, but in March the flows are low and the water is perfect for teasing big foam flies across the surface and enticing the big browns to come out and play. At other times anglers may encounter a hatch and will cast dry flies to rising rainbows. It's all fun. Come and see for yourself.

TECKA 2017 3952Anglers may choose to do the whole itinerary with us or pick and choose to build an itinerary around their preferences. Shorter itineraries are available and single room/single guide rates are also available upon request based on length of stay and lodge. Please refer to the itinerary for complete trip details and additional information.

Prices include all guiding, meals, transfers and lodging. Airfare, tips and incidentals are not included. Please contact us for availability, information on single occupancy, and questions.

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