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Individual, family, friends, or small corporate group Instruction

Struggling with double haul? Need to get some distance on your cast? Improve your presentation? Thinking about saltwater? Or, maybe just getting started in fly fishing? I can help you with any aspect of fly casting. Come for a couple hours of private lessons which can be tailored to concentrate on your specific requests, start from the beginning if you're new at fly fishing, or just overall improvement. If you're a new angler, we will cover casting, shooting line, mending, roll casts, presentation and retrieving. After that we'll move to the pond for hooking, fighting, landing and releasing fish.

 06982013  BC BECKConsider spending the following day with one of our instructor/guides on our private water on Fishing Creek.  See our Weekender Package below, which doesn't have to be on a weekend. This is the perfect way to practice the techniques learned in the lesson and to spend a day learning the other aspects of the sport, locating fish, reading water, approach, learning about fly selection, knots, and rigging. And, of course hooking, fighting, landing and releasing fish - we hope. 9:00 - 5:00. Lunch is included. Waders (available in most sizes), if needed, are included at no extra charge.


If your interest is improving or learning a new technique such as double haul, extending your cast, or better presentation, I recommend a couple hours of instruction. If you're new at fly fishing and just getting started, I recommend three hours. The charge is $50 per person per hour. If you have your own equipment, I recommend an 8-1/2' - 9' rod for a #5/6 floating line. Fishing gear is available at no charge. Students should wear shoes suitable for wet grass and ponds, and bring a sweater, raincoat, cap, and polarized sunglasses.


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We can also design a day-long program for small corporate groups, families or friends. If your party is 4-6 people, we will tailor a day that works for everyone. If there are anglers at various skill levels, we can arrange for part of the group to start on the water with a guide (2 anglers per guide), while some stay back for casting instruction before joining the group on the water. We're very flexible and have a number of options available depending on the group. We can do stream side lunches, BBQ's, wine and cheese, or a full day of serious guided fishing. Please contact us for information on putting together an itinerary.


 clinicguiding046Our Weekender Package includes 3 hours private instruction, overnight at either the Mattress & Muffin B&B or The Lodge at Raven Creek, and a day of guided fishing the following day. $59 5 for one person or $795 for two. PA fishing license, dinner, and the guide tip is not included in the price. 


If you cancel within 30 days, we will refund or apply the balance, less $100, to a later date.  Beyond 30 days, a full refund will be issued.  Payment in full at time of booking.

We are located 5 miles north of Benton, PA, or about 16 miles north of I-80 at the Bloomsburg/Lightstreet (#236) exit. We are 3 hours north of Philadelphia and 3 hours west of NYC.

Please call or email our office with any questions or to schedule.  570-925-2392  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.